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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunflower Boutique

Sunflower Boutique is a store in Second Life created and operated by Mina Unplugged.
She's a young Second Life avatar being in the children's community.
Sunflower Boutique is a store dedicated to make cute and affordable clothes for children and adults alike!
With some kawaii styles for both girls and boys this store is a shoe in for some rave reviews.
It's a bit empty right now as the designer has been doing her best trying to do some adorable styles for everyone to wear.
Hopefully Mina will participate in some hunts as well as fundraisers for schools or real life emergencies such as the earthquake in japan.
Come on over and check it out. Her items will be up on Marketplace soon but more in store than on there possibly.
Click here for Sunflower Boutique URL.


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